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"A Must Do in Denali National Park"

If you can, you should absolutely fly over the Alaskan range and around Denali. The weather in town will look questionable but up at the mountain it was completely different and breath taking in it's beauty...It seemed like a large purchase when we booked in advance but it was worth every cent and I'd do it again (and most likely more than once again).

32CatherineB32 (July 2016)
"Most remarkable flight of my life!"

This was by far the most breathtakingly beautiful flight of my life...You start off with the smaller, yet very beautiful mountains and gradually transition to snow capped mountains and magnificent glaciers. Initially, I thought perhaps the price was a little bit steep, but afterwards I decided that it was well worth every penny!

Zenurez (August 2015)
"Flight of a lifetime"

This is the most remarkable experience we have ever had...My wife was very nervous until the plane left the ground, within minutes she lost all of her fears because the scenery was spectacular. Bob was fantastic with his air tour as he flew us to Mt McKinley... It was truly an experience of a lifetime. We saw two Base camps, a group on their way to the peak and got so close to the peak we felt we could have touched it.

Jim T (May 2015)
"Took my breath away"

The weather was gorgeous above the clouds and I think that I got some of the best pictures that I have ever taken in my life. I still get tears in my eyes when I look at them and marvel at the thought that I was able to get beyond my fear to have this opportunity of a lifetime. My husband & I agreed that this was the highlight of our entire 3 week trip. Thank you Denali Air and to all of your employees.

Sue Dallas (September 2013)
"Awe Inspring"

Having had no great luck in seeing Mt. McKinley (now Denali) from the ground we took to the air! Denali Air provided us with a birds-eye view of the mountain in a way you simply can't do from the ground. The pilot (Jim) was great and the experience was incredible.

Mike K (July 2015)
"Absolutely brilliant"

This is truly an incredible way to experience Denali and the Alaskan range. My jaw was dropped the whole trip... I am a nervous flyer but Dan our pilot was great... and I was too busy being amazed at the mountains below to remember to be nervous (you definitely don't get mountains like those in Australia)! Definitely recommend.

SammyCM (5/19/2015)
"Best Part of Our Denali Visit"

What a highlight (and treat) to have flown on Denali Air. Denali National Park is so large that it really can be appreciated in its immensity and diversity only from the air...The experience of visiting it all in a small plane is, frankly, quite extraordinary.

NH_Guy (July 2016)
"What a surprise!"

If you make it to Denali and don't take a look at the highest peak in North America by air you have missed something special.

Bob H (July, 2014)
"One of the best things I've ever done!"

There are not many landscapes I just look at that immediately move me to tears, but this was one of them. The rugged raw beauty of this landscape was absolutely mind blowing...This is truly Alaska and what I imagine heaven to look like. This is something I'll never forget, pure magic and worth every penny!

Dene Miles (September 2015)
"Flightseeing Denali on Denali Air excursion"

This was the highlight of our recent trip to Alaska. Clouds prevented a good view of Mt McKinley on the bus tour so we had our doubts about the flight. Once we got above the low cloud cover we had breathtaking views of Mt. McKinley and the surrounding glaciers and mountains. We were able to see all the faces of Mt. McKinley clearly and can't say enough about this...This experience is well worth the price. Don't leave Denali without doing this !!

Helen M (August 2015)
"Must do / tremendous experience"

It was a top highlight of our trip. Everything was extremely professional and we always felt 100% safe flying around Mt McKinley...One thing to remember is that if it is raining in Denali, it does not mean you can't fly Denali Air. In fact, it was the perfect raining day activity for us as they flew through the clouds and above them for a sunny one hour tour of the mountain and surrounding areas. At $400 a person, you might think it is pricey, but we took a family of four on it and didn't regret one dollar of the investment in a lifetime of memories.

L.g. W. (August 2015)
"Incredible flight!"

While it was raining at the Princess Lodge, the skies were clear above 10,000 ft...We had a great flight, with Dan making passes on the North and South faces of Mt. McKinley. Also great views of Ruth's Glacier and surrounding mountains and glaciers. Dan was very informative and it was clear he knew the peaks and valleys in the area like the back of his hand. Really an incredible experience.

Erin P (August 2015)

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